Conor Provenzano is a filmmaker, photographer and theater projectionist who graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Film and Media Arts in 2011. At that time, he made a short documentary about bird and human use in Bear River Bay which successfully prevented the Globally Important Bird Area (IBA) from annexation. Over the last seven years Conor has worked on a variety of media projects, ranging from museum exhibitions to full-length documentaries, to a live performance involving the Fry Street Quartet. His photographs of Laura Poitras, which he took while working on Citizenfour (2014) have appeared in Mousse, Frieze, Stern, the New York Times Magazine, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. In 2012, Conor began researching the healing/spiritual implications of attention, which led to the creation of his first feature-length film, FOCUSED LIFE. His dream is to make personal and provocative films about the nature of mind, and to make people happy through art.